One major problem faced by young research trainees in Kenya is lack of proper supervision/ mentorship. CNHR has attempted to address this issue by first identifying supervisors/mentors through a competitive process, followed by identifying research trainees through a second competitive process that involves the pairing of trainees to suitable supervisors/mentors. In this regard, two programmes: the Research Training Fellowship (RTF) programme (targeting PhD and postdoctoral trainees), and the Research Career Development Grants (RCDGs) programme (targeting mid-career basic biomedical, clinical and fresh postdoctoral trainees) was launched in 2009 and 2012, respectively. The rationale for both programmes is that establishment of a good mentorship/supervision framework for research training that improves the chances of successful capacity strengthening. The RTF programme was embedded within the Research Leadership Grant (RLG) programme, while the RCDG programme is hosted by the established CNHR-supported Centres/Communities of Research Excellence (CoReS)


The CNHR Research Training Fellowship program is the training component of the Research Leadership Grants.  The objective of the program is to build a critical mass of researchers through professional and career development specifically designed to strengthen the trainees’ technical expertise, leadership abilities, partnership skills and other qualities.