National Guidelines for the Care & Use of Animals in Research & Education in Kenya

Recognizing that animal welfare is a value of the Kenyan state as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the National Guidelines on Laboratory Animal Science, hereafter called National Guidelines, acknowledge and affirm that sufficient scientific knowledge is available to guide and ensure animal welfare is upheld. Animals have rights and an intrinsic sentient value which must be respected especially their capacity to sense and express pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm, and even conscious natural behavior. The scientific community is obliged to respect the concerns of the general public as regards the use of animals in scientific procedures and education.


The use of live animals in scientific and educational purposes continues to be necessary to protect human and animal health and the environment. The National Guidelines represent an important step forward for the country to place the expanding research sector that utilizes animals for scientific and educational purposes on a path of regulation for the benefit of human and animal welfare. It is the intention of these National Guidelines to have regular reviews in light of evolving scientific knowledge and international best practice in animal care and use. It is anticipated that these National Guidelines will be converted into a Policy document that will pave way for legislation that is enforceable with penalties and sanctions for offenders.


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