To support excellence in research for health.

A country that values evidence driven health policy and practise.

  • Commitment,
  • Innovation,
  • Ethical conduct,
  • Making a difference

Improved sustainability of the Health Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative.

In accordance with its philosophy of evidence based decision-making CNHR will apply the principle of self reflective practice to strengthen the efficacy of its programmes and its own internal systems and structures. The decision making process will: Accommodate to the changing landscape, Ensure financial sustainability; and Nurture effective partnerships with national and county governments, regional bodies and like-minded partners that reinforce its role as a thought leader.

Strengthened research for health capacity.

Support will be provided for a whole spectrum of Research-for-Health activities, which range from basic biomedical research to the applied areas of health systems and clinical research that:

a) Have observable connections with health needs and priorities as outlined in strategic plans at the national and county levels as well as with the evidence base that has developed from previous funding rounds.
b) Are multidisciplinary proposals that outline innovative processes for addressing the full cycle of research to application.

Vibrant culture of evidence-driven health policy and practice

CNHR is committed to securing political and social support for R4H through developing a recognized structure for multi-partner dialogue that increases access and participation amongst all interested parties. An active communication network contributes to building capacity and leadership to stimulate planning that is results oriented, identifies new priorities, and accelerates the utilization of research for health. The communication strategy will support the circulation of information, to increase awareness and support the allocation of further resources to continue the cycle of change.