The Consortium for National Health Research (CNHR) provides Research and Training fellowships, as well as infrastructure upgrade grants aimed at strengthening the national capacity in Research for Health, through a merit-review competitive grant award scheme, overseen by an experienced and independent Expert Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC). By closely working with established and emerging research and training institutions, the Consortium provides a Health Research Capacity Strengthening (HRCS) framework as summarised schematically below:


Based on competitive grant award schemes, CNHR is provides grants as follows:

  1. Scholarship Programme for Interns in Health Research;
  2. Research Leadership Grants (RLG);

Research Training Fellowships (RTF);

  1. Re-entry Grants;
  2. Short-term Training Fellowships for research Trainees and Mentors;
  3. Infrastructural Support Grants;

Institutional Support Grants for Career Development;
Support for the development of Centers of Research Excellence (CoREs); and

  1. Strengthening national policy and regulatory systems in ethical health research

CNHR funding support is provided for a whole spectrum of Research-for-Health activities, which range from basic biomedical research to the applied areas of health systems and clinical research. The choice of the funded activities is largely guided by national strategic plans and priorities for the health sector, and related to the MDGs as well as Kenya’s Vision 2030. Multidisciplinary proposals that cut across several research thematic areas, and which are developed by collaborative teams drawn from different institutions (both established and emerging), and involving policy makers (especially from Ministries of Health) are encouraged.